Jeff Brazier: Me & My Brother

Firecracker Films & Manuka Films for BBC3

BBC Three Television

In this acclaimed, one-off obs doc authored by Anna Keel, TV presenter Jeff Brazier explores his relationship with his brother Spencer, who has cerebral palsy and no speech. Jeff wants to push Spencer to make some changes in his life but will Jeff’s tough love prove too much for their already fragile relationship?

Anna spent three weeks with The Braziers over the Summer of 2010. Since Spencer communicates using a mixture of sign language and his own descriptive gestures, she had to try and learn how to communicate with him as the filming progressed. It was decided in the edit to show this progression, along with the struggle to understand him in the earlier scenes. With Jeff it was a different challenge entirely: Trying to break down the media trained performances and get to the real emotion.

Jeff Brazier: Me and My Brother
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A film with a resonance that extends beyond their tussle” – The Times

A poignant journey” – The Sunday Times

Unmissable” – The Independent

Jeff has as much to learn about life as Spencer. A point gently brought out by filmmaker
Anna Keel, who opened Jeff’s ears to what it really means to listen
” – The Metro