Diary of a Teenage Transsexual

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Channel 4 Television

In this groundbreaking one-off film for Channel 4, Anna Keel follows the extraordinary life of Ria, a teenage, male-to-female transsexual living on one of the poorest council estates in Yorkshire.

17 year old Ria has been waiting for a sex change on the NHS since she was 15.

Ria shares the ups and downs of adolescence, dating, poverty and a broken home with her other teenage friends, but as they all start coming of age together, Ria must go through the agony of male puberty.

So far her presentation as a girl has gone unnoticed by the boys, but as her facial hair grows, her shoulders broaden out and her voice starts deepening, her secret is getting harder to hide.

During the filming, Ria’s life spirals out of control in a direction that nobody had expected, before finally being brought back on track.