• At the age of just 4 weeks, Annie was found in a burning caravan.
    October Films
    BBC Three
  • Our Dancing Town: Huddersfield
    Choreographer Steve Elias wants to bring the multicultural town of Huddersfield together through a 350 strong performance.
    Twenty Twenty
    BBC Two
  • Alex Jones explores the truth about fertility whilst exploring her own chances at the age of 38.
    BBC One
  • Sara Cox on Friendship
    Sara Cox investigates the effects that social media is having on our friendships, both good and bad.
    W Channel on UKTV
  • Women in Prison : Investigation Discovery
    The real “Orange Is The New Black”, this genre busting three part series fuses obs doc with drama.
    Investigation Discovery (aka ID)
  • Prom Crazy, Frocks and Ferraris ITV
    Single obs doc lifting the lid on the rise of the Hollywood style prom in the UK.
    Plimsoll Productions
    ITV 1
  • Footballs Suicide Secret : Victory TV, BBC One and BBC Three
    Chairman Clarke Carlisle investigates the taboo subject of mental illness and suicide attempts in football.
    Victory Television
    BBC Three & BBC One
  • Stacey Solomon : Depression, Teen Mums and Me. BBC Three.
    Stacey Solomon investigates the huge but hidden problem of teenage postnatal depression.
    BBC Three
  • Drugged : Heroin and Crack, National Geographic Channel
    Anna Keel immersed herself in the lives of one crack addict in Florida followed by one heroin addict in Arizona.
    Pioneer TV
    National Geographic
  • Ria : Diary of a Teen Transsexual, Channel 4
    Groundbreaking film for Channel 4 follows the extraordinary life of Ria, a teenage, male-to-female transsexual.
    Popkorn TV
    Channel 4
  • Britain's Hidden Homeless : BBC Current Affairs
    In this moving documentary, Speech Debelle shows that being homeless isn't just about sleeping in cardboard boxes.
    BBC Current Affairs
  • Bodyshock : Dad's Having A Baby, Channel 4
    Scott Moore became known worldwide as the pregnant man when he gave birth to his first biological son.
    Firecracker Films
    Channel 4
  • Jeff Brazier: Me & My Brother - BBC Three
    TV presenter Jeff Brazier explores his relationship with his brother Spencer, who has cerebral palsy and no speech.
    Firecracker Films
  • Glamour Models, Mum and Me, BBC Three
    What would it be like if your mum was kiss and tell queen, topless model and plastic surgery addict Alicia Douvall?
  • Naked Science : Twister Outbreak, National Geographic Channel
    This groundbreaking film reveals the secrets to the tornado enigma may lie in the rubble.
    Pioneer Television
    National Geographic Channel
  • Rehab Sky Living HD Alicia Douvall
    Groundbreaking, critically acclaimed series of ob docs, each following one character through rehab.
    Sky Living HD
  • Fast Track Vietnam : BBC World Service
    Anna Keel follows a former South Army soldier from Saigon as he travels back to an old battleground.
    BBC World Service
  • Eddie Jordan's Bad Boy Racers Channel 5
    This hard hitting series offers a group of young, convicted car criminals a chance to say goodbye to crime.
    Zig Zag Productions
    Channel 5


  • Seven Stones, Film written and directed by Anna Keel
    Eight year old Gemma is searching for a wizard to replace her absent father. Reuben is living a lonely existence between psychiatric care and the streets.
    Manuka Films Ltd
  • Lost Girl, film written and directed by Anna Keel
    Holly, a private detective's assistant, becomes unhealthily obsessed with the case of a missing girl, Tara Stokes.
    Manuka Films Ltd